About Us

Global coverage and efficiency in the management of your goods


After 25 years of experience as international freight forwarders, we have developed a highly professional project to meet all the needs and requirements of the market in terms of service quality.

Over the years, we haven’t lost sight of our primary mission of provide an incomparable service to our customers, assuring them the tracking of their shipments from the supplier’s warehouse to the delivery of the goods at destination, an authentic door to door service.

The goal is to advise and inform to customers of the procedures and transport ways in import and export, in order to clarify any doubts and advise in the selection of the best options for your specific needs. We have Freight Forwarders in all ports and airports in the world, covering all the countries that maintain trade relations with Paraguay.


  • Sea / River Freight (Import traffic)
  • River / Sea Freight (Export traffic)
  • Air Freight (Import and Export traffic)
  • International Truck Freight (Import and Export traffic)
  • Multimodal Freight (Import and Export traffic)
  • Transshipments in International Ports
  • National and International Customs Clearance

We are pleased to inform that our team has an exclusive division of Customs Clearance Study, so this way we can offer you not only the transport but also the clearance and delivery of your cargoes to the suitable place so you can stop worrying about the position of your cargoes and focus on other activities, as we are to provide you with a real support.

ALFA TRADING S.A. offers you the following services for the movement of cargoes in general of Import and Export, palletized, loose, bulk; for Air Cargo, Consolidated (LCL), Full Container (FCL) and Customs Clearance.

As for the international transport of containerized cargo, through acquired contracts with the major Shipping Companies and Airlines in the world, we offer you competitive freights from and to European, Asian, African and American countries, the best services and routes, quick shipments.

Via this interaction we will ensure the best possible solutions within the complex world of international transport.


In a highly competitive world, we keep characterizing by our total responsibility and celerity in execution, handling accuracy and above all an attentive customer service, offering you a global coverage and efficiency in your goods handling.


Alfa Trading SA, with the help of other solidarity enterprises and people with huge hearts, see the task of ensuring the operation of this non-profit foundation.

The comprehensive care offered by this home is in charge of the Lidia Barreto de Portillo Foundation, with the main objective to integrate into society and feel useful.

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