Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The language that all people understand is the language of LOVE


How is it solved?

From people or companies with huge hearts who see the mission to ensure the operation. You can work in different ways to the growth of the foundation to continue attending these wonderful children.


How to help?

With your prayer, making cooperation partner, parent, godparents, uncles, affective cousins, with voluntary contribution, dedicating your free time helping the children.

Also donating non-perishable food, such as milk, oil, noodles, rice, sugar, clothing, etc. In the months of november and december with the purchase of cards with Christmas themes.

The home now shelter 25 people: babies, childrens, youth and adults with physical and mental disabilities, without family and financial resources, mostly non-restorable; where their found a loving home and family.

To assist the foundation can contact us by the following information:

Lidia Barreto de Portillo Foundation
Albino Luis Home

Address: Souza Nº 4850 casi Tte. Zotti. Bº Villa Morra. Asunción – Paraguay
Telephone: (+595 21) 601 495
Legal Status Nº 17061

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