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  • Advantages of FCL loads. Why are they suitable for your company?

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    In international logistics, it is important to know the advantages of FCL loads or “full container load” when seeking to save costs or reduce the transfer time of your goods.

    An FCL cargo is one in which a single importer or exporter contracts the entire capacity of the container to carry only its merchandise.

    The FCL cargo mode is one of the most used. It has its counterpart in the LCL mode or “less than container load”, in which several shippers share the capacity of the container.

    Therefore, when preparing an international logistics project to import or export merchandise in Paraguay, it is important to analyze both methods and decide which will be the most profitable in terms of cost and time.

    In this case, we are going to explain the advantages of FC freightL and why your company can benefit from using this way of shipping goods.

    What is an FCL load?

    Before starting to talk about the advantages of the FCL load, we must remember what this modality consists of.

    The acronym FCL refers to the Anglo-Saxon term “Full Container Load”, which translated into Spanish is understood as “full container load“.

    Therefore, in the FCL cargo modality, a single exporter or importer contracts the entire cargo capacity of a container to carry its merchandise in it.

    This means that the load will not be mixed with other senders. And in addition, a single fee will be paid regardless of whether the importer or exporter occupies the entire container or not.

    This differentiates it from the LCL (less than container load) mode, in which several senders share the total capacity of the container.

    The goods in an LCL container may or may not go to the same port of destination, so it is common for the container to be opened several times along its route to remove part of its content or add new merchandise.

    For its part, the FCL container is sealed and will not be opened until it reaches its destination.

    Advantages of choosing FCL loads

    We are going to detail the five main advantages that FCL cargo has. These advantages are based on criteria such as cost, shipping time and security, among others.

    1) Shipping speed, the great advantage of the FCL cargo

    Because all container negotiation is done by a single importer or exporter, FCL cargo procedures are faster and easier.

    In addition, the container will not be opened throughout its journey through different ports, either to submit it to customs inspections or to add or remove cargo.

    To this is added that the container preparation time is less and the sender will not have to go through long waiting periods for the closure and shipment of the same.

    In short, an FCL cargo offers a faster delivery time.

    2) FCL loads provide greater profitability

    If the merchandise to be transported occupies a volume equal to or greater than 15 cubic meters, hiring FCL cargo will be more economical.

    And being clear about it, if you are going to move smaller volumes, it is preferable that you think of containers under the LCL modality, which will offer you a lower cost in this case.

    But when talking about the advantages of FCL loads, we must remember that they usually have fixed rates. There the criterion to take into account is the need to move large volumes from the factory to the door of the final customer.

    However, FCL cargo is also cheaper if you need to carry smaller loads, where the speed and safety of the merchandise is the main priority of the importer or exporter.

    3) Greater security, another advantage of FCL cargo

    When you contract a container under the FCL modality, you obtain greater security for your merchandise.

    First of all, your cargo will be the only one inside the container and will not be mixed with third-party products, which reduces the risk of contamination or shock damage.

    Furthermore, an FCL container travels sealed and will not be opened until it reaches its destination. This is a security guarantee against the possibility of someone introducing prohibited products or theft from intermediate ports.

    4) Handling larger volumes

    As we said before, an FCL container is more profitable in cases where it is necessary to move a lot of merchandise from a single client at a time.

    Handling larger volumes can become very difficult in peak seasons, when it becomes more difficult to find space on ships, warehouses and ground transportation systems.

    In these situations, an FCL cargo allows you to carry more merchandise at a time and you can even prepare alternative routes where there is less congestion in ports.

    This advantage also applies if you needmove very heavy goods in high season. Trying to do it in LCL cargo mode implies the risk of having to separate them into more than one container.

    This in turn carries the danger of delays, losses or even not getting enough space in containers shared with third parties.

    Mobilize your FCL cargo with Alfa Trading

    If you are looking to move your merchandise to or from Paraguay in FCL containers, we advise you to do a good cost study and prepare your international logistics.

    And for this you can count on the assistance of Alfa Trading. A Paraguayan company with more than 28 years of experience in the area of ​​international logistics.

    Our experts have extensive knowledge of international freight, customs procedures and everything related to importing and exporting anywhere in the world.

    We also offer you global coverage as we have cargo agents in all ports and airports around the world, ready to assist you throughout the logistics process.

    For this reason, we are the ideal company to support you as an exporter and importer and thus drive your operation towards success.

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