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  • Essential tips for a successful import in 2022

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    At an international level, logistics is an essential component of any company, since it measures its competitiveness. For this reason, each year the World Bank carries out an analysis where it measures the performance of the logistics supply chain within countries, which is made up of the Logistics Performance Index, which measures different elements, such as: customs, infrastructure, international shipments , competence in logistics services, tracking and tracing and punctuality in both international and national logistics focused on imports and exports.

    In the ranking of the Logistics Performance Index carried out in 2018, Paraguay was ranked 83rd out of 167 countries with an IRL of 2.70 out of 5, where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best. Compared to other countries, Paraguay is among the lowest in the region and average globally. However, compared to other years, the country improved in that year and has been presenting improvements, despite the global pandemic that has recently been experienced. Likewise, the country has to overcome challenges in terms of logistics to improve its competitiveness in the area of ​​international trade.

    Entering the subject, importation encompasses a careful logistical process to move merchandise from the country of origin to another place in the country of destination. Where a series of logistics operators intervene to guarantee a safe transfer of merchandise, reducing time and costs.

    And as if that were not enough, you have to take into account customs procedures at ports or airports, permits, payment of taxes, whether or not to insure the merchandise, boarding, unloading and delivery, etc. In addition, it is not only verifying the transfer of the cargo but also having the necessary documentation so as not to hinder the logistics process or generate cost overruns.

    It is very important to know this process, especially if you need or regularly import merchandise. For this reason, in this article we are going to mention some essential tips for you to take into account when importing in 2022.

    Find a good provider

    You can get a good supplier by attending fairs, through internet platforms or applications such as Alibaba for wholesale purchases, Aliexpress Lightinthebox for retail purchases. You must investigate the provider and verify if it is reliable, through the evaluations made by the platforms or pages.

    Also consider the form of payment that the provider accepts and that you have a landline phone in addition to your mobile. And that you have a business email preferably that is not gmail or hotmail.

    Negotiate the purchase of the merchandise

    An important factor in negotiating is the language, that is, knowing how to speak the supplier’s language, since otherwise this could be an impediment to a good negotiation. Whenever you are uncertain about the supplier, ask to remove your doubts, for example, if the supplier is in such an incoterm, we could believe that he is negotiating a value, when in fact he meant that it is another incoterm.

    It is very important to negotiate well with the foreign supplier, since this will allow you to reduce logistics costs, get a low price at origin, but you must also take into account that you can get good freight and insurance, since taxes will be low. and also the commission paid to the customs broker will be lower. On the contrary, if the price is high, the taxes and other payments will also be higher.

    Make a good choice of dates

    You must make a good choice of dates in which you are going to import since the cost of freight is sometimes higher when the seasons are high. In addition, you must take into account important dates, such as Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and other events. From the above, because this year, like last year, transportation times can take a long time.

    Request the necessary documentation for import clearance

    It is important that you request a complete set of the minimum documentation required for customs clearance, before starting with the procedures, such as the commercial invoice, the packing list, the transport documents, the documents of origin and the specific documents depending on the type. of merchandise.

    Choose the payment method

    Another important point is to choose the payment method that the supplier accepts, you could pay it through the same platform in which you are buying and also make sure that you can get your money back, in case there is a breach on your part.

    Insure the merchandise

    It is important that you quote with international cargo insurance companies since in recent years there have been many natural disasters and hiring insurance that covers these aspects is of vital importance. Also, some importers do not insure their cargo becauseThey think that this way they will save the insurance charge. However, when budgeting, it is often cheaper to insure the cargo than not to insure it, this will also depend on the type of product to be imported.

    Get advice from a cargo agent or Freight Forwarder qualified as Alfa Trading S.A.

    It is advisable to know how to choose well the cargo agent, international insurance agent, customs agent, the company that will transport the cargo to your home (local transport). For this reason, at Alfa Trading S.A. We make your life easier and offer you a comprehensive logistics service.

    At Alfa Trading S.A. We can help you carry out the entire import process from when the merchandise is being shipped until it arrives at your home or at the address of your company and we even offer special services such as cargo verification related to quality issues before shipping.

    Remember at the time of the advice to tell our advisors that the quote they give you must be considered all in (all included) so that when the cargo arrives you are not taken by surprise that the value of the freight is one and you are charged other expenses. that you did not plan, such as local transport.

    We know that importing is not an easy task, but if it is necessary, the important thing is that you keep in mind that you can count on the advice and support of a leading company in the area of ​​international logistics in Paraguay. Contact Alfa Trading S.A. so that your import activity is carried out with total success to Paraguay.

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