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  • How to import from Alibaba to Paraguay?

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    The Chinese shopping portal Alibaba has become the largest in the world , surpassing giants like Amazon and Ebay in terms of sales and variety of products. For this and other reasons, you will surely want to know how to import from Alibaba to Paraguay .

    First of all, you have to explain what Alibaba is and understand why it differs from other electronic sales portals.

    Alibaba is not a portal to make personal purchases in the style of Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress.

    In fact, it was conceived as a portal model in which companies, businesses and importers from all over the world can easily find suppliers and products made in China and other places in Asia and take them to their countries to local sale or re-export.

    This means that Alibaba is a platform for trade between companies (B2B or business-to-business).

    The portal is owned by the Alibaba Group, founded in 1999 by Chinese businessman Jack Ma. This group also owns Aliexpress, TaoBao and Alipay, as well as various companies involved in cloud storage and commercial software development.

    Reasons to search for suppliers through Alibaba

    As the most important B2B sales portal in the world, Alibaba serves as a showcase for thousands of companies in China and other Asian countries.

    There you can find a wide variety of suppliers, from large companies that have state-of-the-art technology and sales area for foreign customers to small retail chains that move products from dozens of small manufacturers distributed throughout Asia.

    An advantage of Alibaba is that it has a technological platform that facilitates contact with suppliers, make purchases and keep track of operations . This is important if you want to import a large quantity or variety of products to Paraguay.

    But what stands out the most is that you don’t have to be a large importing company to make purchases on Alibaba and bring products to Paraguay .

    In fact, any natural person or company can register. You will immediately be able to do business on this B2B portal with suppliers of all kinds who are most interested in achieving a mutually beneficial sales agreement.

    How to purchase products on Alibaba to import to Paraguay

    First of all, it is only necessary to enter the Alibaba website at the address , where You can register for free and complete your user profile by supplying some mandatory information that will be requested.

    If you do not register, you will not be able to contact any supplier to request a quote, although you will be able to browse the portal and see the different products for sale.

    Verify your profile and start browsing

    It is important that your user profile is as complete as possible and that you choose the profile verification option, as this may depend on the providers responding to your requests faster.

    Now you can start browsing the different categories and choose the product of your interest. Due to language differences, you will get better results in your search using English product names.

    Due to the huge variety of providers and products available, your search may return thousands of results. In this case, you can filter them by country or area, by manufacturing material, by supplier rank (Gold, regular or other) and by suppliers with sales insurance.

    The product offering is huge and includes everything from electronic equipment, to vehicles, furniture, art objects and many others .

    Contact the supplier

    Once your products have been selected, you can contact the supplier through the platform to negotiate the price and other costs related to the operation.

    To avoid possible scams, Alibaba will give you some observations on the supplier’s reputation , but it is always advisable to search for additional information on the internet before making a deal.

    You should also review the information on possible refunds to which you are entitled in the event that an inconvenience occurs and you do not receive your merchandise or you have to return a defective product.

    An important characteristic that you should take into account about each provider is the response time to user requests . This is identified as a “response rate” in the provider information and it is best to discard those with less than 65% .

    Next to the product photo there is usually a link in blue that leads to the product page, where you can review additional information and other important details such as:

    • Minimum quantity that the supplier agrees to sell to a single buyer (Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ)
    • FOB Reference Price (Reference FOB Price). It refers to the Free On Board incoterm by which the merchandise is left ready for export at the agreed port and the subsequent freight is borne by the buyer.
    • Monthly quantity that the manufacturer can produce (Supply ability)
    • Export port closest to factory (Port). Many suppliers may agree to put the merchandise in a different port, at the customer’s request.
    • Seller Support: Indicates if you work with Trade Assurance and what type of coverage it includes
    • Accepted form of payment (Payment): The most common are bank transfers, PayPal and Western Union.
    • Seller contact (Button that leads to a contact form with the supplier)

    Quality vs price on Alibaba

    It is important to note that the majority of products available on Alibaba are manufactured by small suppliers in China, so their quality can vary considerably compared to their equivalents manufactured in Europe or the United States.

    However, you will also find many suppliers from Japan, India and other Asian countries whose quality is recognized by consumers.

    In any case, the great advantage of Alibaba is that it allows you to find a greater variety of products at a lower cost than in other sales portals, thanks to the logistics and transportation scheme that operates behind this platform.

    Pay safely on Alibaba

    With the rise of electronic sales portals, different methods were also developed to protect users against potential scams or deception when buying in this way.

    On Alibaba, one of the most widely used forms of secure payment is PayPal, which allows you to pay the supplier and stop it if it does not fulfill its part of the deal.

    It is also important that you choose as much as possible suppliers with trade insurance, which covers possible losses in the shipment or return of defective products.

    Let us help you import from Alibaba to Paraguay

    Finally, we remind you that there are a series of documents that you must have when import from Alibaba to Paraguay , including certificates of origin and everything related to customs regulations </ strong >.

    In this case, we recommend you seek the advice of Alfa Trading S.A . a Paraguayan company with more than 28 years of experience in transportation logistics at the national and international level.

    At Alfa Trading we help you prepare your shipments of products purchased on Alibaba to Paraguay .

    We have Freight Agents in the main ports and airports of the world and we can support you in the monitoring and customs procedures of your cargo.

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