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  • Main products that you can import from China this year 2022

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    Chinese products have become the most popular in the world and are found everywhere. Importing from China has become a very profitable business and there are a variety of arguments to support this. To give us an idea, e-commerce invoices more than 3 billion dollars annually. And much of that turnover comes from the resale of Chinese products.

    However, businesses that import Chinese products still face problems, especially when choosing the right products. For this reason, in this article we explain in detail what are the trending products that you can import from China this year.

    The image, quality and design of the products

    The design, image and quality of the product are the factors that most attract customers. Your product can be the most demanded in the market if it is attention-grabbing and attractive. Chinese suppliers are experts in product design and packaging.

    In addition, the merchant can provide specifications and requirements to the manufacturer to obtain the product of his choice with the design that he considers best suited to the needs of his business.

    Despite the fact that in the past it was believed that Chinese products were of low quality. Today, China manufactures products according to customer demand while staying within budget and has an efficient infrastructure to produce high-quality goods.

    Is it profitable for a business to import from China?

    Importing products from China to Paraguay today can be a very profitable business. It allows to reduce the cost of production, importing cheap products or parts of products at a more accessible price. This means that a business instead of spending money on expensive machinery and energy in the manufacturing process, can import from China.

    Also, the expense of importing from China is quite minor compared to the total cost of manufacturing the product. In this way it allows the trader to obtain a

    competitive price. For beginning traders, that is, those who are going to start importing from China, it is best to buy a small number of products.

    If you import Chinese products from Paraguay or want to start importing products from China, you can ask for support from a freight forwarder to help you locate the right manufacturer and also help you with the entire import process.

    Important rules for choosing products

    The first thing is to look in detail at how much the product costs, if it is expensive or cheap and if it has an adequate price. Also, it is necessary to consult several providers and compare the prices of the products to ensure that they are the most profitable. Although not necessarily the lowest price, it should not exceed the cost that has been budgeted. It is very important not to forget other expenses.

    Subsequently, it is necessary to define the selling price of the product. For this, a price must be established after taking into account the quality, profitability, market demand, frequency of sales, whether the product is innovative, since it is quite convenient for the merchant.

    What products are good to import from China?

    Finding the best products within online platforms such as Alibaba is one of the most important steps when it comes to importing from China. It is important to know the products that are trending before closing the deal. Because this allows you to secure higher profits.

    Also a good practice is to analyze data from previous years. If it shows a gradual rise and fall, it means that it is a seasonal product. A constant increase in demand means that it is worth buying to start selling.

    A basic product like clothing

    Clothing is a basic product to import from China. In fact, it is the most demanding article. China offers high-quality material and clothing, which allows it to be imported into Paraguay. Customers love to buy Chinese clothing because it is cheap. An example is Shein brand clothing.

    Also, there is a huge profit margin when buying clothes from China. If you buy in bulk, the price is greatly reduced and offers a great profit on resale.

    Electronic devices

    Another type of goods to buy in China are electronic devices. This country is the main producer of various types of electronics. China commands the largest market for gadgets, from cell phones, smartphones to computers, and many more.

    Currently, the most popular electronic devices are cell phones and smartphones. Tech lovers love to buy the latest model, as long as they can find it at an affordable price.

    Electronic gadgets are very easy to sell and offer a large profit margin. Therefore, they are considered a trending product to import from China.

    Computer articles you

    Hardware and other computer-related products can be a profitable option to import from China. The need for computer items has increased in recent years. It will continue to grow due to current changes to computers, the Internet, and the number of businesses that can be run from the comfort of home.

    Kitchen supplies

    Kitchen supplies are essential products in the home, and are in demand by many people. From kitchen utensils to small appliances. Even people who don’t cook need to use wine glasses, salad bowls, corkscrews, etc. The price is also very accessible and can leave significant profit margins.

    Home decoration

    Home decoration is also a trending product to import from China. Although people’s tastes in home decoration change seasonally, Chinese factories are able to keep up with the pace of the market, releasing a large number of unique designs every month or even every day.

    In addition, the demand for home decoration products is increasing. They cover a wide catalog of upward trending products where you can find smart furniture and appliances that use ecological materials and are generally recyclable.


    The sale of toys can be a profitable business, importing from China. Especially in areas where there is a large population of children, since toys mean a lot to them. They can be found at a very good price on platforms to buy toys. Chinese markets offer unique toys at a lower cost.

    Novelty items for pets

    Pet products are undoubtedly profitable products to import from China, especially pet grooming products, pet toys and pet clothing. For pet owners, many of these products are fast-moving consumer goods and are frequently replaced.

    In addition, the pet market has grown rapidly in recent years, its current valuation has exceeded 150,000 million dollars. The world of pets is a very successful niche market. In fact, there is a high trend in marketing Chinese products around this niche. The consumption of products such as feeders and water dispensers is also on the rise.

    Do you want to import products from China? Seek expert advice

    As you can see, the Chinese market has great potential to obtain greater profitability, especially if you are clear about the type of products you want to import, you can find out from us about how to find reliable suppliers.

    On the contrary, if you are still not sure, perhaps you can start with products that are in high demand and in trend, such as those mentioned above to reduce the risks of selling. Of course, the easiest way is to have the support of an expert company in international logistics, such as Alfa Trading S.A., since it allows you to save costs and time.

    We have Freight Agents in the main ports and airports in the world and we can help you with the tracking and customs procedures of your merchandise.

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