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  • Main reasons for delay of your merchandise

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    There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than the delay of your merchandise. On paper, the estimated traffic time is as accurate as possible, precisely so that those involved know exactly when the delivery will be made, based on that, organize the collection.

    But, inconveniences may occur that affect the supply chain and consequently the delay of your merchandise occurs.

    For example, a customer becomes responsible for the delay if he pushes for a delivery deadline. In many cases, the merchandise is even damaged, faulty or lost.

    In this post we have compiled the most common reasons that can cause the delay of your merchandise.

    Schedule and traffic problems

    This is one of the most common reasons and that, in fact, the solution is out of our hands. Merchandise delays due to traffic can occur in all cities of the world due to situations such as road accidents, diversions, construction sites, protests, etc.

    The possible solution, a route optimization program. This is software that parcel drivers use to alleviate the problem.

    Basically this program helps you to find a fast route so that you can reach the destination on time. The route optimization software is updated in real time so the driver avoids those common interruptions that cause delay.

    Another factor that can cause delivery delays are high seasons. For example, delays on Christmas Eve or during the summer are common. If shipments in both seasons are maxed out, delays are very likely to occur.

    In countries with a high incidence of strikes, delivery times are always affected. France is one of those countries. In this particular case, the logistics have problems due to the strikes, which launch a service alert due to the delays.

    Until now, the pandemic effect has even affected merchandise delivery times, especially in companies with poor equipment and personnel capacity.

    Merchandise delays due to customs problems

    International shipping carriers face customs. They have to be prepared, with all their documents in order and the precautions that are usually requested at these stops. If everything is correct, it is more likely that merchandise delays due to customs problems will be avoided.

    Now, there may also be difficulties if the authorities decide to review the cargo. In this case a backup plan is recommended. For example, merchants can partner with a reliable transit service that has secure and accurate documents.

    A poorly written document can cause your merchandise to be delayed

    This is a simple problem, but it is very common and can cause the delay of your merchandise. We are talking about a lack of clarity in writing or an unclear document.

    If it is a paper manuscript, it is more common for it to have errors, erasures, or not be legible, which can cause serious setbacks.

    Another item that causes delivery delays are shipping labels. Merchandise may even be lost if shipping labels are poor quality or inaccurate.

    To minimize this type of problem a bit, companies have chosen to use logistics management software. Remember that the human factor will always cause problems in logistics, so it is a good idea to focus your efforts on the technical part.

    On the other hand, if your company’s address has recently changed and you have not received any products at your new address, be sure to notify the suppliers and freight forwarders accordingly.

    Outdated technology

    If a logistics company uses obsolete technology, that is, old and outdated software and hardware, delays in your merchandise are more likely to occur.

    What happens is that outdated software limits companies that want to include new technologies for more efficient management of their services.

    Additionally, outdated technology limits access to features needed to reduce delivery delays.

    To optimize the tracking of shipments, logistics companies have to invest in the latest in terms of software and hardware, it is a good idea that they acquire cloud-based systems.

    This technology allows the supply chain, a more holistic approach. This offers parcel, logistics and transport companies to always be connected and review useful information in real time.

    The primary goal of this investment is to reduce the possibility of shipping delays.

    Not having the right equipment

    The lack of eproper equipment, is another problem that carriers cannot ignore.

    Transferring cargo from the warehouse is not easy at all, in fact, it is a great challenge. Above all, if the company requires intermodal transport, that is, both by road and by rail.

    May cause shipping delays if shipping containers are not available. The low availability of supplies or that there is a shortage in some regions of the town in particular.

    Delays caused by external agents

    The most common delays are caused by external elements, beyond your control or the carrier, they are agents that simply cannot be foreseen.

    They can be causes of delay of your merchandise of a natural order, due to mechanical aspects, human errors or due to some political matter.

    For example, these are the most common:

    • Weather conditions
    • Traffic accidents
    • Means of transport, truck or ships damaged
    • Congested traffic
    • Warlike situations
    • Terrorist attacks that affect roads or access to an area
    • Natural events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or floods
    • Fires
    • Events marked by important dates or seasons, for example, Thanksgiving Day parade

    In summary, merchandise delays are common, but they can also be avoided with better planning or with the help of technological tools. Remember that the objective will always be to meet deadlines and delivery dates for customer satisfaction.

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