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    Alfa Trading carries its cargo to its destination with our services and solutions of ground transportation. We connect you with transportation solutions that advance your business, whether with truck wagons, refrigerated vans, sider, Trucks, storks, platforms Lowboy type, cable forklift or others.

    What makes the difference in our services?


    Merchandise coverage immediately


    Issuance of certificates before and during boardi


    We evaluate damage cases in less time

    National or Local ground transportation

    Our ground transportation service is prepared to cover the entire national territory. We import and export your goods to the destination, door-to-door service. 

    Depending on the customer’s needs, complete and / or consolidated loads can be transferred to 20 ‘, 40’ container trucks, trucks, refrigerated vans, trucks or others.

    Competitive rates

    We have very competitive rates from Paraguay to the world and from the world to Paraguay, making available to the customer a service with priority, quality, responsibility and above all speed for the safe and timely transport of all kinds of cargoes. Being able to offer service with permanent information about the shipment situation, always giving agile and concrete answers to your needs.

    Offices in several points of the region for your comfort

    We are in Asunción, Encarnación and Ciudad del Este, we also have an office in Montevideo – Uruguay to expedite your procedures.

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    C. del este

    We cover you
    in the whole



    Customs clearance

    National freight

    Merchandise insurance

    Multimodal Transportation:
    Aerial + Maritime + Terrestrial

    The multimodal service consists of using two or more different types of transport to Paraguay. We demonstrate safety and confidence and are committed to the transport and guaranteed delivery of your cargo. At the same time, we work with renowned foreign agents recognized in the world of international logistics.

    Satisfied customers

    Contact an expert

    If you are interested in growing your business outside, one of our strategists is ready to give you professional advice. We offer you an actionable plan to face your challenges and reach your goals.