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  • The Freight Forwarder or freight forwarder What are the advantages of working with him?

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    When speaking of international logistics in Paraguay we must mention the work of the “Freight Forwarder” or freight agent, one of the fundamental actors in the import and export of goods in the modern world.

    Whether within Paraguay or anywhere in the world, the freight forwarder facilitates each stage of logistics and solves any problems that arise.

    One of his tasks is to assist the client in everything related to the contracting of the transport of goods, in whatever modality is required.

    It also intervenes in the preparation of tax and customs procedures and insurance, as well as supporting the process of collecting and storing the merchandise, if necessary.

    A characteristic of the freight forwarder is that it offers solutions to the customer no matter what type of product will be transported , where the cargo is geographically located and what its weight and size are.

    The “Freight Forwarder” or freight forwarder is in itself a expert organization in all activities involved in international trade and logistics , which offers its services and experience to clients to help clients make their activities more expeditiously and efficiently.

    And although in Paraguay many importers or exporters work on their own without any problem there are many situations that can get out of control and is when it is very convenient to associate with a freight forwarder .

    In fact, thanks to freight forwarders or freight forwarders, millions of tons of goods arrive without problem every day to their destinations around the world and many Paraguayan companies have made or make regular use of their services.

    We are going to explain what a Freight Forwarder is and what functions a Freight Forwarder fulfills and why it is convenient to work with them when exporting or importing in Paraguay.

    What is a Freight Forwarder?

    A Freight Forwarder is a specialized transport organization that basically acts as an intermediary , managing and coordinating all transport logistics operations and complementary services so that the merchandise of its customers arrives to your destination without problems.

    It is therefore an expert company in everything related to procedures, transport routes, rates and any type of procedure or requirement that must be attended during the operation of carrying the load.

    This makes them valuable for companies that want to save time and money or that want to ship or bring products from markets they don’t know well.

    In fact, a good Freight Forwarder must keep up to date in handling international regulations and customs and tax laws of each country in which it operates.

    In addition, they must have excellent relationships with other professionals involved in international logistics, such as carriers, shipping companies, airlines, customs agents and government institutions, among others.

    What services can a Freight Forwarder offer?

    As the world of international trade becomes more complex, so does the work that a Freight Forwarder must develop.

    In addition to working on everything related to the regulation and contracting of the transport of goods within a country or between different nations, they must ensure that the costs of operations are kept within what was agreed with customers.

    But in addition to this, they must also fulfill the following functions:

    • Provide solutions tailored to the requirements of each import or export project , considering the characteristics of the merchandise, seasonality and any legal or logistical peculiarities that may exist along the route between origin and destination. .
    • Advise individual or business clients on international trade, recommended routes and best means of transport for each type of cargo.
    • Be in charge of finding the best rates and preferential prices in the goods transport chain, guaranteeing as much as possible the punctuality of the shipment and its safety. For the most part, Freight Forwarders use advanced technological tools to trace the best transportation routes for each client.
    • The freight forwarder takes importers and exporters off the burden of ordering cargo, unloading and delivering it at destination . You can even offer your own storage to facilitate the logistics of your customers’ goods, reducing the operating costs of the operation.
    • Freight forwarders must also advise clients in the preparation of the documentation required to import and export products , including those related to labeling, packing and packaging, as well as carrying out the processing of Documents for customs clearance according to current regulations in the country of origin, transit and destination of each merchandise.
    • Finally, they are in charge of handling insurance coverage throughout the transportation process.

    Operational advantages of freight forwarders

    Freight forwarders have direct contact with the best carriers and partners , from those in charge of air freight to trucking and shipping companies, with whom they can negotiate the best possible price.

    This can be done using known trade routes with frequent departures, or through charter freight depending on which route offers the fastest, safest and best cost optimization.

    In fact, freight forwarders tend to handle large volumes of cargo , even between international destinations, which is why they are considered a fundamental part of triangulated operations.

    At least three companies or parties participate in this type of operation: the manufacturer-supplier, the intermediary and the final customer, each located in a different country.

    These operations are very complex, even using a single type of transport to move a single type of merchandise. After all, a wide variety of legal requirements, taxes, contracts, and other legal and technical requirements must be met.

    Finally, it should be noted that the majority of freight forwarders have licenses as authorized economic operators , which allows them to work better with customs matters .

    Why should you hire a Freight Forwarder for your project in Paraguay?

    Although freight forwarders do not carry out the transport themselves, they are able to offer you any means that the client needs, such as maritime, rail, air and land transport.

    In addition, they help you find the best rates for your import and export project in Paraguay .

    It is known that finding the best carriers or suppliers (at a fair price) can be very difficult for any business owner. However, a freight forwarder handles dozens of contacts and can easily find the least expensive and most effective option for transporting your merchandise.

    Another advantage of hiring a freight forwarder is that it allows you to simplify your operations by working with a single supplier who will take care of the various procedures and negotiations.

    And of course, a freight forwarder will be on the lookout for any issues and act to resolve issues immediately. This is important to avoid possible modifications to the agreements between the importer and exporter and to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination as scheduled .

    Additional storage, another advantage of working with a Freight Forwarder

    One of the biggest problems and source of costs in any import and export operation is warehousing .

    On many occasions, companies may need additional space to store their products before exporting them or to receive a large quantity of merchandise brought from another country.

    It can also happen that as the business grows, more storage space is needed and not having a quick solution to this requirement can affect any possibility of increasing profits .

    Storage is one of the aspects that most affects the costs of the operation.

    For this reason, many Freight Forwarding companies offer their customers their own storage for goods.

    In summary, the points for which you should consider hiring a Freight Forwarder are:

    • They guarantee the most profitable, fast and economic options.
    • They have a wide logistics network and have a network of carriers
    • They have the resources and ability to solve problems immediately
    • Increase the competitiveness of exporting or importing companies
    • They simplify the management of the process, logistics and control over the load

    Consult the best ones to export from Paraguay

    If you are an importer or exporter, your cargo is your most valuable asset and you must put it in responsible hands so that it reaches its destination without setbacks.

    If you want to carry out an import or export project from Paraguay, you must have the support and advice of an expert company in the field.

    Alfa Trading S.A. is a Paraguayan company with more than 28 years of experience in the international logistics area.

    Our experts have extensive knowledge of international freight, customs procedures and everything related to import and export to and from anywhere in the world.

    We also offer you global coverage as we have cargo agents in all ports and airports in the world, ready to assist you throughout the logistics process.

    For this reason, we are the ideal company to support you as an exporter and importer and thus drive your operation towards success.

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