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  • Tips for a successful export from Paraguay

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    When we want to start an activity and we do not know all the edges, the advice and recommendations that we can receive always help. In this case we want to address companies that seek to expand their horizons through export, we want to share some tips for a successful export from Paraguay.

    What we tell you through our content is intended to show you the path you must travel to achieve success in the foreign market, positioning your products.

    We know that Paraguayan companies that make the decision to venture into foreign trade seek to give their business international projection, enhancing their image and presence in other countries.

    It is necessary for companies to comply with certain procedures and manage the necessary requirements to start the activity, but first they must ensure that they have accurate information.

    For example, which are the possible destination markets, it is also important to establish which is the best channel to distribute your products and finally, draw up a strategic plan so that exporting from Paraguay is a successful activity .

    Below we want to give you some recommendations so that you can start the path to foreign trade, it is a series of steps that you must follow in order to achieve a successful export from Paraguay.

    To export these from Paraguay successfully are the tips:

    1. You need to identify the tariff heading of your product

    One of the important aspects that Paraguayan companies must know to export to other countries is the tariff heading of their product. This document is also known as a tariff code or tariff item.

    Basically it is a document that explains the coding of a particular product that is established through the Harmonized System of the World Customs Organization.

    All products that are traded around the world have specific tariff codes. If you know the particular classification of your product, the export process from Paraguay will undoubtedly be successful and you will be able to conquer international markets.

    And, with that information you will have the possibility of accessing intelligence tools from foreign markets, you will also be able to corroborate the requirements, procedures and procedures that you must comply with in the local market.

    You can check the tariff heading of your product at the following link:</ a>

    2. Analyze the history of current exports

    Our next tips for you to achieve a successful export from Paraguay is to analyze and identify the current exports of the product you want to position in foreign trade.

    We recommend you look for the existing antecedents of all the exports of the item you want, also study the markets where they were sent.

    These are data that you can access in the National Customs Directorate through its website. You will find a virtual window with open data so that companies can consult statistics related to foreign trade.

    In addition to consulting the data, you have the alternative of downloading it in Excel format, you can even edit and reuse the information.

    To access the information, enter and locate the field in the options menu “Open Data” and press one click. Then follow the steps indicated by the system.

    To access the statistics, the option is to enter the website of the Central Bank of Paraguay through </ a > then select the “Statistics” field then click on “Economic statistics and then choose the option” Detailed foreign trade series “.

    If you follow these steps you will be able to have available exports and imports per year, you even have the possibility of filtering the data by the tariff heading you need to know.

    3. Know the markets and identify opportunities

    These are two scenarios that companies that wish to export successfully from Paraguay must cover.

    They must first identify the markets that demand the product they wish to export. You can consult this information on the official page of the International Trader Center at

    In addition, as a company we advise you to identify the potential you have to start the activity. You can support yourself in this management in the following link

    4. You must know the requirements you need

    Other information that Paraguayan companies with the desire to expand their horizons must handle are the local requirements to start the activity. Paraguayan legislation establishes that local companies must comply with a series of precautions regarding foreign trade and customs.

    Exporters Registry

    For example, the exporter registration required to authorize the shipment of your products to other markets in the rest of the world.

    This particular requirement can be processed at the National Customs Directorate based in Asunción or at the VUE, Single Export Window.

    It is important that before starting the management you have the following documents at hand:

    • Statutes of the commercial company.
    • Authorization according to the item when exporting.
    • Unique taxpayer registration.
    • Details of the company’s partners.
    • Municipal trade patent.
    • Proof of no tax debt.
    • Registration request form.
    • Trade balance of the company.

    Documents required by item

    In addition to the aforementioned documents, Paraguayan companies must comply with specific paperwork depending on the item to be exported. They are essential requirements that must be met to start foreign trade activity.

    We recommend that you pay special attention to this part of our content so that you do not lose details of what you need to export from Paraguay successfully.

    • If you want to export plant-based products, this is what you need:

    You have to file a phytosanitary certificate with the Department of Defense of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

    • If your company wants to export forest products you need:

    Go to manage a forest guide at the offices of the National Forest Service or at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

    • For a company that wants to export items of animal origin or food products:

    It is necessary to process a zoosanitary certificate, which can be done at the Food and Animal Products Control Directorate. In addition, you can request the collection at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

    • If the item to be exported from Paraguay are pharmaceutical or chemical goods, you need:

    In this case you must manage a health and quality control certificate. You can get this document from the Health Surveillance Division, an appendix from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

    • Manage the following if you want to export crafts or products for purposes:

    In this case you need a certificate of origin that you can get if you visit the Paraguayan Craft Promotion Service.

    • What you need to export industrial products from Paraguay:

    We advise you to process an industrial registration to export this type of item. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is the place to carry out the management.

    Export clearance certificate

    We continue to guide you through the path you must travel for a successful export from Paraguay. Another recommendation regarding the requirements has to do with the export clearance certificate.

    It is a series of documents that are issued by customs agents or customs brokers exclusively.

    To obtain this particular requirement it is necessary that you visit the General Directorate of Customs and make a declaration of all the products that you want to export.

    On the other hand, Paraguayan legislation establishes that it is mandatory, to guarantee the security of the process and transactions, the steps of a customs broker.

    The idea is that both the importer and the exporter have support that guarantees the smooth running of transactions, in the hands of a customs agent who fully knows the sector and the steps to be taken.

    5. Identify the tariffs to export successfully from Paraguay

    You cannot forget this step if you want your export activity from Paraguay to develop successfully.

    It is important to identify the duties that must be paid by the market you choose to export your products. You should also investigate if there are commercial agreements.

    You can check it at Macmap . This is the map of access to international markets, through them you can find information about tariffs.

    If you want to know the information on trade agreements, what you should do is consult the information system on foreign trade or SICE.

    With them you will have access to the list of trade agreements and also the preferences for each country, you will learn about trade policy issues and other information of interest. Go to

    6. Study access barriers and access requirements to foreign markets

    It is easy to guess that companies must accumulate a lot of information in order to enjoy a successful export process from Paraguay . There is a lot of data, but they will all be useful at the beginning and in the development of the activity.

    Part of these informational needs have to do with the possible barriers to accessing international markets, as well as the requirements they request abroad.

    • Consult Macmap requirements and barriers:

    In Macmap you can consult all the international requirements to access the markets, as well as the barriers to export to those markets.

    • Query in Sustainability Map:

    Here you have access to the voluntary certifications that will allow you to identify the voluntary standards that generally apply to the product to be exported, this from according to the producing country and the destination market.

    We also recommend consulting with other international bodies, depending on the market that interests you, for example for European Union countries you have the option of Trade Help Desk.

    This is the website of the European Union where you can find all the statistical information of those markets, the requirements to access them, you will also know the tariffs, local rules and all the information you need.

    If you want to be successful exporting from Paraguay, contact Alfa Trading S.A.

    For your company to successfully start its export project from Paraguay, we have some very important tips. We recommend that you work hand in hand with the best in the field.

    Contact us. At Alfa Trading S.A. we offer you the best advice, so that the success of your project is assured.

    We are a leading company with a Paraguayan tradition with extensive experience. We have more than 28 years providing support in the area of ​​international logistics.

    Our team is made up of men and women specialized in this area, with knowledge of all the processes that you must comply with to export from Paraguay.

    We can give you advice for the correct handling of customs procedures, we help you complete all the requirements that the authorities demand to start you in the activity.

    We are able to provide support in everything related to import and export from Paraguay and other countries and to any part of the world.

    For these and other reasons, it is a good idea to contact Alfa Trading S.A., without a doubt it is the right company if what you are looking for is support to start your export project and expand your horizons.

    In conclusion, whenever we seek to expand our horizons, we must prepare for the processes to develop successfully.

    For a successful export from Paraguay you need to prepare in an extensive scope.

    Have knowledge of local and international legal issues, you must analyze international markets and their statutes in customs matters, soak up a large number of requirements and documents with which you must comply and a long etc.

    It is not an easy task, but if it is necessary, the important thing is that you can count on the advice and support of the leading company in the area of ​​international logistics in Paraguay. Contact Alfa Trading S.A. so that your export activity is carried out with total success from Paraguay.

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