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  • What is consolidated LTL shipping? Everything you need to know

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    In this post we are going to explain what consolidated LTL transport is, its advantages and disadvantages and everything you need to know about it. Basically the term refers to the shipment of consolidated cargo, that is to say that the volume of the cargo is not capable of filling the means of transport, usually a truck.

    It is possible for LTL freight shipments to share the space of a truck with different shippers, as long as they all have low-volume loads. In this case, they only pay for the volume that their merchandise occupies and not for the entire space.

    There is also the option of shipping via FTL transport. It can be said that it is the counterpart of LTL transport, that is, a single shipper occupies the entire space of the truck with its cargo.

    Reasons to choose consolidated LTL transport

    LTL transport is the best alternative in specific situations, including those that we explain below:

    • If your cargo weight is less than 6,800 kilograms or the equivalent of 15,000 pounds, it’s a good idea to choose LTL freight.
    • If the cargo you want to send does not occupy more than 10 pallets.
    • Also if the merchandise that makes up the load is not sensitive to the environment.
    • It is the best option if the merchandise is not sensitive to the passage of time.

    It should be noted that these considerations are general. It is important that you know that all service providers determine their considerations regarding the weight or number of pallets.

    Now, if the cargo to be sent does not meet the criteria explained above, then consider making your shipment in FTL transport.

    An important aspect that we cannot ignore is that consolidated LTL transport is generally cheaper, that is, it is a good alternative if you are looking to significantly reduce logistics costs.

    Learn about the advantages offered by LTL transport

    The option has a huge number of advantages that you should take advantage of, for example, the costs are lower. And it is that, as a shipper, you have to pay only for the space that your cargo occupies in the means of transport.

    On the other hand, your shipment will be safer. Each LTL load is palletized before boarding the truck so that the trip is safer, taking into account that the merchandise is as compact as it is protected in this way.

    The carbon footprint is significantly reduced with LTL shipping so it also generates benefits for the environment. Remember that these loads share the space of the same truck, an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions.

    Most of the companies that provide this transport service also offer additional associated services, for example, picking up and delivering parcels to expedite the logistics involved in a consolidated cargo shipment.

    To finish this list of advantages of LTL transport you have to know that they offer the possibility of including forklifts. These structures are installed at the rear of the truck as an annex.

    Basically they are used to facilitate the loading and unloading of your merchandise, it should be noted that this type of attachment is usually offered mostly for consolidated cargo shipments.

    What are the drawbacks of LTL shipping?

    It is time to mention the not so positive part of consolidated LTL transport . Firstly, there are risks that the load may be damaged or contaminated, since the loads share spaces and the possibility of contamination when coming into contact with other merchandise increases.

    The risk of theft is also greater. In general, LTL loads go through many warehouses and terminals, and the merchandise is loaded and unloaded multiple times.

    It means that the risk of theft is increased, especially if your cargo is easy to steal and resell.

    Transit times are higher. Compared to FTL shipments, LTL shipments generally take longer to reach their final destination.

    It is mostly due to the multiple stops that a truck must make for the respective scheduled loading and unloading and the rest of the parcels that share the space of the means of transport.

    Among other details that must be highlighted, we have the factors that intervene in the price of consolidated cargo. From being aware of every little detail so that your shipment is insured, for example, that it is packaged, documented and shipped correctly.

    What factors affect the price of LTL?

    If everything you have read in this post makes you consider shipping LTL transport, also analyze the different factors that directly affect the price of the service.

    The volume and price directly affect the price that of your load

    Remember that you only assume the price of the space that your load occupies in the truck, in general the costs depend on both the weight and the volume of the merchandise.

    In other words, the greater the volume and weight of what you want to send under this modality, the higher the price you must assume.

    The price depends on the distance

    In general, in the field of freight transport, the longer the route is, the higher the cost of consolidated LTL transport or any modality, be it land, air or sea. .

    The types of goods and types of shipments also affect the price

    In the case of merchandise, these are classified according to the product. The classification determines the tariffs that are applied at the time of charging the shipper when his merchandise arrives at the customs office of the destination country.

    However, there are some IMO merchandise that can be imported through consolidated cargo transportation. These are rigorously analyzed previously, through the safety data sheet provided by the client.

    In this case, if the maritime line authorizes the feasibility of the cargo, otherwise it must be sent by air.

    In summary, we have given you enough reasons to consider the option of consolidated LTL transport, we develop the advantages, but we also talk about the negative aspects of this cargo shipping methodology. The idea is that you analyze with this information if it is convenient for you to choose this type of cargo shipment.

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