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Alfa Trading leader in route Uruguay to Paraguay to import your products

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With 28 years of experience and a branch in Uruguay as its logistics center in South America, Alfa Trading has become a leading company in moving products from Uruguay to Paraguay, consolidating cargo in Montevideo. This has not only considerably expanded the possibilities for its clients, but it has also substantially improved shipping times to Paraguay.

What is Alpha Trading?

Alfa Trading As a freight forwarder, it is an expert company in freight forwarding and international logistics. It is particularly characterized by speed and precision of execution, as well as by its customer service.

After 28 years of experience in international freight, Alfa Trading has made every effort to develop a highly professional profile that allows it to meet the needs and requirements of the market in terms of quality of service. Thus, over the years, it has been able to set the mission of providing an outstanding service to customers, ensuring the monitoring of loads from the moment they leave the suppliers’ warehouses until delivery at the point of destination.

Today, making use of what has been learned throughout its almost 30 years of experience, Alfa Trading stands out through the immediate coverage of merchandise for its clients, the issuance of certificates before and during shipment and the evaluation in a short time. time damage cases.

Alfa Trading specializes mainly in the service of Full Container Load or FCL cargo and in the import or export service of consolidated cargo or LCL Less Container Load. It also carries out multimodal and air transport activities, among others.

Leaders in South America

Since the opening of its branch in Uruguay, Alfa Trading has become a reference in trade and logistics in South America, through the consolidation of cargo in Montevideo, being leaders in the transfer of products from Uruguay to Paraguay and favoring these are much faster and more effective.

Today, Alfa Trading’s own office in Uruguay has highly qualified personnel to attend to all logistics needs from its Montevideo headquarters, with emphasis of a Own truck for consolidation and direct shipping from Montevideo to Paraguay.

At the same time, Alfa Trading stands out for offering all-risk insurance for cargo in the region, in order to provide customers with the peace of mind that their cargo will be safe and their investment protected.

Through a national freight service to the final warehouse and a complete merchandise clearance service, the company has been expanding in order to offer a complete alternative for users and a substantial improvement in the entire logistics chain. Thanks to this, Alfa Trading has been 12 years uniting the two countries: Uruguay and Paraguay.

Why choose Alfa Trading?

In addition to the aforementioned aspects, Alfa Trading not only optimizes the transport of goods and products from Uruguay to Paraguay and reduces delivery times, but also has highly competitive rates, making quality services available to customers. , priority, responsibility and speed to guarantee the safe and timely transport of cargo of all kinds.

Likewise, in order to ensure the quality of all the services offered and to be able to provide peace of mind to clients, Alfa Trading has qualified professionals for the development of logistics and customs projects, taking into account the needs of each client in particular, in order to help you achieve your business goals. These are expert professionals in cargo that ensure that all parts of the process will be carried out by specialists.

Currently, through its own office in Montevideo and consolidating cargo in this city, Alfa Trading has become a strategic leader for the transport of goods and products from Uruguay to Paraguay, opening new possibilities for both exporters and for importers.



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