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Alfa Trading offers consolidated cargo service for small and medium-sized companies in Paraguay

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Usually, when carrying out exports, one of the most common services is the FCL , which consists of filling a container. However, for many small and medium-sized companies as well as entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps in exporting, this can be very difficult due to the difficulty of filling these spaces and the cost that this represents. To offer a solution to this, Alfa Trading provides the export service in small batches or consolidated loads that will modify the possibilities of companies and entrepreneurs in Paraguay.

What does the consolidated cargo or LCL service consist of?

The LCL (less container load) or consolidated cargo service is a currently widespread methodology for the transfer of goods, especially through maritime transport. What it is about, in a few words, is to gather the various parcels in order to form a complete load with the shipments of several companies or several people and to be able, in this way, to unify them into a single shipment.

In other words, it is about making these shipments from different exporters or importers meet in the same container, arriving at the same location or at sites that share a transportation route. This represents an excellent alternative especially for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have the possibility of filling a container on their own or for whom the cost of doing so would be extraordinarily high.

In the particular case of the service offered by Alfa Trading, what the company does is receive LCL export orders or consolidated cargoes, set a date and then make the shipment to the Uruguayan city of Montevideo by land. At this point, the loads are consolidated again and prepared to be shipped by sea to any part of the world. The normal process consists of filling a container with small loads, then sending them to Uruguay. In this way, Alfa Trading offers in Paraguay a unique cargo solution that can be moved from Paraguay to Uruguay and to any point in the world.

What are the benefits of LCL?

Following what was mentioned above, the transportation of consolidated cargo or LCL is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized companies and for entrepreneurs in Paraguay who are taking their first steps in the market. This is because, through companies like Alfa Trading, they are offered the possibility of carrying out their import and export activities in an accessible way.

Something that should be taken into account is that, in Paraguay, today, the usual export service is FCL, which is more expensive and, therefore, more difficult to access for small and medium-sized companies, making it something within reach only of big. For this reason, Alfa Trading offers this new LCL possibility targeting this sector, as well as large companies that do not need to send large volumes.

Among the main benefits of consolidated cargoes, the following stand out:

  • Possibility of using an intermodal service thanks to the use of consolidated operators, courier services and warehouses for gradual shipments.
  • Reduction in both logistical and operational costs.
  • Agility in shipping processes.
  • Accessibility for small businesses or companies.
  • Secure system.

Why export products with Alfa Trading’s consolidated cargo service?

As we have seen, Alfa Trading stands out for offering its customers in Paraguay the possibility of making shipments from Paraguay to Uruguay and from Uruguay to any point on the globe. This, through a consolidated cargo service that brings great benefits for small and medium-sized companies that makes the export of products and merchandise a possibility for all entrepreneurs, even those small ones that are just starting out.

Among the multiple benefits that we can highlight of choosing LCL transport with Alfa Trading, we find the following:

According cost

We have already said previously that the costs involved in consolidated loads are usually lower than in other systems. Alfa Trading offers a cost according to the service so that it can be accessible to companies.

Smaller volume

By exporting in a consolidated manner, exporters can avoid the pressure of having to gather large volumes of merchandise to carry out these transactions. With consolidated cargoes, smaller quantities and volumes of products can be exported, making the business grow little by little.


By offering a land transportation service for cargo from Paraguay to Uruguay and then maritime transportation, transit times are faster, offering companies the possibility of carrying out these movements in less time.

Main ports

Today, Alfa Trading offers accessibility to the main ports in the world. Starting from Paraguay to Uruguay and from this port to the rest of the globe, exporters can reach the most important points in the world without problems. But, in addition, in case the exporter sells only to Uruguay, Alfa Trading also offers this possibility.

Insured merchandise

For greater peace of mind for merchants and entrepreneurs, Alfa Trading provides merchandise insurance in case of damage, loss or theft.

Travel information

Through a cargo route control system, sellers can have constant and accurate information regarding the location of their cargo from the point of departure to arrival at the destination.

No delays

Finally, Alfa Trading’s consolidated cargo service in Paraguay avoids the classic delays in product departures, streamlining the process, especially in the case of the river section to Montevideo. But, it also avoids the extra costs that may arise in other cases such as the downspout of the river.

At Alfa Trading S.A. We are a Paraguayan company with more than 28 years of experience in international logistics and we can help you in the air, sea, land or multimodal transportation of your cargo. Our experts have extensive knowledge about international freight, customs procedures and everything related to the handling of different types of cargo.

In addition, we offer you global coverage, because we have cargo agents in all ports and airports in the world, prepared to assist you in the success of your operation.



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