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Requirements to export from Paraguay: What do you need to start in this sector?

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The most efficient way to expand your business abroad is by exporting. Entering this sector can be interesting and very profitable, but to start you need to know what the requirements are to export from Paraguay.

Each company that decides to export from Paraguay must comply with a series of precautions that we will explain throughout this article, but it is also important to locate external markets and the indicated items so that the activity becomes an effective growth and expansion strategy .

It is an added value for the image and prestige of a company, which has a presence abroad and international projection. It is not only about expansion and growth, it is also an advantage the experience they can acquire in managing new areas, new ideas and new ways of managing the business.

But, it is also true that entering the export sector is a challenge for any company in Paraguay. It takes a lot of time, effort and analysis to search for destination markets.

In addition, they must choose the most appropriate channel for the distribution of their items and draw up a strategic plan so that exporting from Paraguay is a successful activity.

Seeking extra financing is another step they must take on the initial path to entering this sector. It must be taken into account that time and costs must be allocated for trips and contracts abroad, among other things.

It is necessary to dedicate time, but also to have patience so you can see the return of the benefits of the foreign market. Remember that one of the biggest challenges is to face possible political, economic and legal risks, taking into account that you will be entering markets in other countries.

An initial requirement to export from Paraguay: Exporter registration management

Paraguayan exporters must comply with a series of requirements established by the legislation on customs and foreign trade, precautions that they must comply with to authorize the shipment of their items to other markets.

In this matter, Paraguayan legislation is quite strict and is largely due to the fact that they seek to prevent tax evasion, reduce the use of the activity for illegal acts and eliminate the smuggling of products, among other things.

The geographical situation of Paraguay is another reason for the authorities to be strict, because it represents a complication in terms of commercial legality. Let us remember that this country is surrounded by rivers and forests that make the illegal transfer of merchandise easier, especially on the border with the largest country in Latin America, that is, Brazil.

For this and other reasons, the National Customs Directorate requires the registration of exporters as a requirement to export from Paraguay. To manage this document, interested parties must go to the institution’s offices.

To obtain this registration, interested companies must complete a series of documents that include the following:

  • Statutes of the commercial company.
  • Authorization according to the item to be exported.
  • Single taxpayer registry.
  • Data of the partners of the company.
  • Municipal trade patent.
  • Proof of no tax debt.
  • Registration application form.
  • Commercial balance of the company.

What are the necessary documents to export from Paraguay according to the item?

The requirements to export from Paraguay do not remain in the aforementioned documents. There are specific precautions that entrepreneurs must meet depending on the item to be exported.

They are essential requirements that are part of the procedure that every Paraguayan company must carry out in order for its products to be positioned in other countries of the world.

To facilitate your management, we want to present a summary of all the documents that your company needs and you will also know where you can manage them.

· For items of vegetable origin:

To export food or merchandise of plant origin from Paraguay, a phytosanitary certificate is required.

It is a document that you can manage at the Defense Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

· For items related to forestry:

Companies need a forestry guide to export products related to this activity from Paraguay.

They can obtain it by managing in the National Forest Service or failing that in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

To export products of animal or food origin:

The document that must be processed to export these items from Paraguay is a zoosanitary certificate.

This management can be carried out in the Food and Animal Products Control Directorate. It is also possible to manage the document at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

· For pharmaceutical goods and chemical products:

The document that is needed to export this type of product from Paraguay is a health and quality control certificate.

Document that you can get at the Health Surveillance Division, an institution dependent on the Health and Social Welfare portfolio.

· To export crafts and similar products:

It is before the Handicraft Promotion Service of Paraguay where you must manage the document you need to export handicrafts and the like.

You must request a certificate of origin.

· For manufactured goods of industrial origin you need:

If what you are going to export from Paraguay is an item related to this industry, you will need an industrial registry. To obtain it, you must apply to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the nation.

It is necessary to manage an export clearance certificate

This is another important requirement if you decide to export from Paraguay, to guarantee the clearance of goods. These in particular are documents that are exclusively issued by customs brokers or customs agents.

To obtain this export clearance certificate, you must make a declaration before the General Customs Directorate of all the goods that are going to be sent to other countries.

According to Paraguayan laws, the implementation of a customs broker is mandatory. This means more security with respect to transactions.

Thus, the parties involved in the transaction, exporter and importer, have a reliable backing, represented in the figure of a customs agent, who of course knows the sector fully.

On the other hand, Paraguay recognizes in its customs code the existence of definitive exports and temporary exports.

In this sense, companies that wish to export from Paraguay have the option of taking refuge in one of these alternatives, as the case may be.

Reasons: Why export from Paraguay?

Paraguay has a strategic location in South America. Its economy has a particular characteristic and that is that it is a diversified economy, this as a result of the economic expansion experienced in Paraguay and the rest of Latin America in recent years.

The Republic of Paraguay holds the fifth position among the best economies in its region, thanks especially to gross domestic product.

In the case of exports from Paraguay, if the behavior of this activity in recent years is analyzed in detail, significant growth is expected that may exceed 75%.

In addition, Paraguay has stood out in recent years as one of the new powers in the agricultural sector.

This has been evidenced by the production record registered in 2011, when the numbers reached a production of 15 million tons of grains.

Recommendations: What are the most important products to export from Paraguay?

Previously we mentioned that the agricultural sector is one of the strongest to export from Paraguay. Many attractive products for international trade are derived from this sector, for example these:

  • Beef
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Vegetable oils, among others

In fact, worldwide, Paraguay is one of the largest exporters of soybeans and we are not just referring to the amount of soybeans exported, it is also famous for the quality of the product.

But in addition, there are other interesting sectors to export from our country and here we have a short summary.

Metalworking sector

Paraguay has one of the largest metalworking industries, in fact we are in fourth place worldwide. It is logical to think that it is a good sector to export from Paraguay.

Take into account that we are also considered one of the most important motorcycle manufacturers in South America.

An impressive figure has been manufactured, exceeding more than 230 thousand motorcycles a year.

Other exportable elements within this same sector that we can highlight are the following:

  • Auto parts
  • Motorcycle parts
  • Parts to replace hydroelectric devices
  • Car chassis
  • Truck parts

In addition to other artifacts that may be successful in international trade.

Pharmaceutical sector

Currently, Paraguay produces at least 60% of the pharmaceutical products used internally. It is logical then to export pharmaceutical products from Paraguay.

If done on a large scale, it is an export that could generate more than 40 million dollars annually.

Paraguayan textile sector

In this particular area, about 3.8% have been reported in terms of exports from Paraguay.

Paraguay’s textile sector is quite broad and diversified, it even includes products for the footwear manufacturing process, accessories of all kinds, and other elements involved in the manufacture of clothing.

Other products that may be considered for export from Paraguay include these:

  • Furniture
  • Vegetable oils
  • Products for the manufacture of elements made of plastic
  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Chemical products
  • Forage
  • Minerals
  • Seeds
  • Sugar
  • Tobacco
  • Balanced
  • Products for the manufacture of elements made of Rubbers
  • Animal oils
  • Fuel
  • Drinks
  • Oilseeds

In recent years Paraguay has experienced significant growth to the point of becoming one of the exporting countries of electricity.

In fact, it is considered the best in the field, especially towards neighboring countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

Contact the best if you want to export from Paraguay

If you want your company to successfully start its export project from Paraguay, it is best to work hand in hand with the best in the field.

Contact Alfa Trading S.A. and get the best advice, so that the success of your project is assured. We are talking about a company with a Paraguayan tradition with more than 28 years providing support in the area of ​​international logistics.

We have a specialized team, with knowledge of all the processes that you must go through to export from Paraguay.

We have extensive experience in handling customs procedures, we can advise you to complete all the requirements required by the authorities to start the activity.

We can provide support in everything related to import and export from Paraguay and other countries and to any part of the world.

These and other reasons make Alfa Trading S.A. in the indicated company if what you are looking for is support to start your export project and expand your horizons.

In conclusion, according to our analysis it is not easy to complete all the requirements to export from Paraguay, but without a doubt it is an activity that is well worth the effort.

The country’s authorities have the peculiarity of requiring a huge amount of documents before authorizing foreign trade operations.

Therefore, companies that have the desire to export from Paraguay, any of the items recommended in this other article, should know that they need patience, time, procedures, procedures and a strategic plan to start the activity successfully.

It will certainly be difficult, but not impossible, to complete the requirements for your company to become an exporter from Paraguay, but from Alfa Trading S.A. We recommend our advice so that you can complete the management more easily



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