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The Logistics Chain of Air Freight Transport

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In the foreign trade of Paraguay and the vast majority of countries in the world, the l ogistics of air transport is a fundamental element since it allows to carry or bring high demand goods in a short time and at a very reasonable price.

There are several advantages that air transport has with respect to other ways of carrying and bringing cargo , such as sea or land transport.

Whether carrying cargo between countries or within the same territory, air transport is an option that can be very attractive in terms of costs and time.

This is particularly valid in the case of perishable or high-value products that must be transported in the shortest possible time .

The speed of air transport is also important when the customer or buyer demands that the cargo be delivered urgently.

And it is precisely as a result of the rise of E-commerce due to the pandemic that we have seen the demand for air transport load has grown exponentially .

We are going to explain how the air transport logistics chain develops so that you better understand its advantages and virtues when using it for export or import goods in Paraguay.

What is the air transport logistics chain?

Al use air means to carry goods to and from Paraguay comes into play a set of actors and processes that will allow to carry the load safely, and under total legality, from one point to another.

Not only the buyer of the cargo and the manufacturer or seller participate in the air freight logistics chain. A series of companies and institutions with different levels of responsibility in each stage of transport also participate in a coordinated manner.

This chain starts working even before the load is placed on an aircraft. In fact, it is activated from the moment that the supplier or manufacturer hires a company to carry their cargo via air </ b > to a distant destination.

Although it seems simple, the number of steps to be completed in each stage makes it advisable to leave this task in the hands of an agent or company specialized in air transport logistics.

Actors involved in the air transport logistics chain

There are several actors involved in air transport logistics for shipping goods to or from Paraguay:

  • Customers: In this case, they can be both those who send the cargo (suppliers or manufacturers) and those who will receive the merchandise at the end of the transport process (importers or recipients ).
  • Freight agencies: These are organizations that are in charge of everything related to the reception and preparation of the merchandise to take it from the supplier’s hands to the air terminal and from there to the hold of the aircraft. They also act upon arrival at the destination in the unloading of the plane and the delivery of the merchandise to the recipient or the final carrier designated by the latter. </ li>
  • Customs: In all cases and all modes of transport, all corresponding customs processes must be complied with
  • Air operators: In this case, these are the aviation companies that will carry the cargo in aircraft.
  • Service providers: This term groups smaller companies involved in the work of receiving cargo at the air terminal, storage, packaging, placement in the warehouse of the plane and ground transportation from the destination airport to the buyer’s door.

The work of each of these actors must be coordinated by a logistics company , as can be the case of Alfa Trading SA

This company will ensure that the requirements of the customer who contracts the air shipment of cargo are met and will ensure that that each part of the logistics chain is fulfilled without inconvenience.

Steps in the logistics chain in air transport

Now that we explain which are the actors that participate in the air transport logistics chain </ b > of goods, we must explain how this chain is activated and when it ends.

  1. The cargo issuing customer (supplier, manufacturer, importer) requests a logistics company shipment of your merchandise by air for delivery to a recipient (buyer or importer) in the same place.
  2. The logistics company initiates the arrangements for the cargo to be taken by land to the airport. < / span>
  3. The documents required for the export of the merchandise and the customs clearance process are prepared.
  4. These documents are delivered to Customs, which will review them and proceed to authorize the departure of the merchandise.
  5. The cargo handling and ramp companies assume the handling of the merchandise and its transfer from the storage area of ​​the air terminal to the ramp and from there to the warehouse of the aircraft.
  6. The airline operator assumes responsibility for the cargo from the moment it enters the aircraft’s hold </ span > , during transit and until the moment you arrive at the destination airport. </ span>
  7. At the destination airport, the cargo handling and ramp agencies carry out the task of unloading the merchandise and taking it to the storage area of ​​the air terminal
  8. The cargo handling agent checks that the merchandise received corresponds to the shipping documentation. </ span >
  9. Once the cargo is verified, the cargo handling agent delivers the documentation to a customs agent who will prepare it for presentation to Customs.
  10. Customs may request additional information or carry out a physical inspection of the merchandise to make sure there are no irregularities.
  11. When Customs authorizes the entry of the merchandise, the freight forwarder makes definitive delivery of the same to the importer or to a carrier designated by the latter, who will take care of taking it to the final recipient.

Why prefer air transport logistics to carry your cargo?

The air transport is the most convenient for the transport of goods whose delivery is urgent </ b > or that by their nature cannot be in transit for a long time.

But this is not the only reason. In fact, there are several advantages that air transport offers to those who wish to import or export from Paraguay:

  • Faster cargo delivery: planes travel the distances that a ship would take several days or perhaps weeks to travel. They are also much faster than trains and any other means of land transportation.
  • Wide geographic coverage. The main air transport operators cover short, medium and long routes all over the planet. But if necessary, you can easily coordinate with a second operator to transfer cargo and take it where the first does not go.
  • Air transport is perfect for quickly transporting cargo to destinations that are far from seaports import.

Disadvantages of using an air transport logistics chain

And although it is clear that air transport has great advantages, there are also several reasons why this type of logistics can be inconvenient.

It has a cost much higher than any other in relation to the distance traveled. Therefore, implement good air transport logistics will depend largely on the budget available to the importer .

In air transport logistics the volume of cargo that can be moved at the same time is notably lower </ span > than if you use sea or land transport.

The quantity of products or substances that cannot be transported by plane is much greater than that of other modes of transport. In many cases, it is also required to pass security checks and obtain special permissions that require more time and money.

Find the best door-to-door air transport logistics

When time is vital for you to receive or ship your cargo from Paraguay, air logistics is the best option.

Therefore, it is important that you put your merchandise in the hands of expert companies in international logistics, such as Alfa Trading SA

We are a Paraguayan company with more than 28 years of experience in international logistics < span data-contrast = “auto”> and we can help you in the air, sea, land or intermodal transport of your cargo.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of international freight, customs procedures and related to handling of all kinds load to Paraguay or to export anywhere in the world.

We also offer you global coverage as we have cargo agents in all ports and airports in the world, ready to assist you in the success of your operation.



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