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What are the advantages of working with Alfa Trading?

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Those who import and export in Paraguay know how complicated transport, storage and customs handling of merchandise can be.

For this reason, it is vital to have support from companies specialized in logistics, which facilitate and avoid problems when carrying merchandise from one destination to another, inside or outside Paraguay.

One of these companies is Alfa Trading S.A, founded in 1994 and which has become a national reference in international logistics services.

For 28 years, our main mission has been to offer a unique service in Paraguay to those who need to move loads from the suppliers’ warehouses to their final destination.

We are currently one of the Paraguayan companies with more experience in the area of national and international freight, in all modes of transport.

In addition, we have Cargo Agents in all ports and airports in the countries with which Paraguay has commercial relations.

This allows us to monitor and resolve any situation related to the mobilization of goods, guaranteeing their delivery on time.

But the most important thing is that we also offer technical assistance and help the client to develop the best plan for the success of their import and export activity.

It is important that you know the advantages of working with us and why Alfa Trading has earned its place in the national logistics market.

We offer the best national and international logistics service

In the world of logistics, the reputation of companies is built through the quality of the staff that works in them and the satisfaction of customers over the years.

In this sense, Alfa Trading stands out for order and discipline in its daily work. the improvement of our processes and the constant updating and incorporation of new technologies.

The staff working at Alfa Trading S.A. He is recognized for his extensive experience and mastery of the regulations that regulate the mobilization of loads nationally and internationally.

Each member of our team has extensive knowledge of the logistics and customs issue.

This knowledge is updated through professional training programs that our company continuously develops.

In addition, by maximizing human resources we also contribute to consolidate Paraguay as a potential country in the area of international logistics.

Thanks to the high preparation of our human team, at Alfa Trading we can help you develop your logistics and customs project, regardless of its complexity.

Alfa Trading provides the widest coverage in transport and logistics

Alfa Trading S.A. It offers worldwide coverage in all areas related to cargo handling and transportation to and from Paraguay.

We can develop complex logistics plans for your company, including sea and river, air or land transportation, as well as their multimodal combination.

In this way we guarantee total peace of mind when moving your loads from one country to another, as well as within the national territory.

We have full capacity to prepare the shipment of cargo by sea and river, air or land, as well as for intermodal transport between several countries or regions of the world.

Because we have cargo agents in the main ports and airports of the planet, we can provide coverage and permanent monitoring of our clients’ loads.

In addition, we are ready to operate in any new market that opens the doors to Paraguayan products.

According to the requirement of each client, we can prepare the sea and land transport of FCL (Full Container Load) or consolidated LCL (Less Container Load) loads.

In this way, you can mobilize your loads by ship and truck with logistics adapted to the volume of merchandise that you are going to transfer to and from Paraguay.

Our FCL cargo service consists in the use of a complete container to carry the goods of the customer, from a delivery point to a destination point in the country that is needed.

For our part, our LCL freight service consists of importing or exporting merchandise from several customers in the same container or truck, reducing costs.

Another of our strengths is international land transport.

Thanks to our network of agents, we can offer all types of land transport solutions for any cargo beyond national borders or between countries on other continents.

Among these solutions we can mention refrigerated vans, Lowboy platforms for large loads, cart trucks, truck trucks, cable hoists and others.

Our service also includes the link with sea, air and land transportation anywhere in the world.

Within Paraguay, we also offer land transport both nationally and locally, both to carry full and consolidated cargo.

Among the options available are 20 and 40-foot container trucks, carts, refrigerated vans, trucks and others.

We attend all administrative issues and cargo tracking

Mobilizing cargo beyond the borders of a country requires compliance with a wide variety of laws and regulations at each stage of import and export.

In addition, there is a risk that the merchandise will be subject to theft, damage or loss.

Freight agents have limited liability and often do not cover customer losses in cases like these.

With Alfa Trading you will have support to choose and contract the cargo insurance that suits you, including policies against accidents, damages and losses of all kinds.

We also prepare in the shortest possible time the damage reports, when there are any, to facilitate the payment of the insurance contracted by each of our clients.

Another advantage of working with Alfa Trading is that we take care of everything related to customs clearance.

Our customs agents know in detail the customs regulations around the world and their mission is to ensure that your cargo has the documentation in order.

Very important, when handling Alfa Trading all procedures and commercial compliance, it facilitates and makes faster the shipment of merchandise by sea, land and air.

We provide you with the best storage for your merchandise

Storage is vital in the logistics chain of imports and exports and that is why it is important to choose well its location, available infrastructure and availability of skilled labor.

At Alfa Trading we ensure that you have the best storage for your merchandise, whether it is a standard type or if it requires special environmental or handling conditions.

Additionally, we guarantee detailed information in real time about your shipment, so you know where and under what conditions your merchandise is at all times.

We offer very competitive rates

The success or failure in international trade is based largely on the competitiveness that different companies have at the level of prices and costs.

The cost of logistics and related services can greatly influence the success of your import or export initiative.

Alfa Trading supports the Paraguayan businessman with very competitive rates to and from Paraguay.

On our website https://www.alfatrading.com.py/ you can request a quote for the services we offer. You will check that our rates are the best!

We are close to you when you need us

If you prefer to consult information in person or hire our services, we have offices in Asunción, Encarnación and Ciudad del Este.

You can also contact us through our toll-free telephone number 0800 11 1994.

If you are in Uruguay, you can visit our office in Montevideo.

You can get detailed information to contact us by visiting the web address https://www.alfatrading.com.py.

Click on the “contact” option in the top menu and you will see our addresses, emails, social networks and phones in each city.

Without a doubt, choosing Alfa Trading to support you in your business is a wise decision.

28 years of accumulated experience in the area of logistics allow you to ensure that you will have valuable help for the success of your venture as an importer and exporter.



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